Key Considerations When Buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on: 10 November 2020


If you own a laptop or a smartphone, a portable Bluetooth speaker could be a welcome addition. With such a speaker, you can listen to music from a compatible device at a reasonable volume. However, choosing the right Bluetooth speaker can be a daunting task, with several options available on the market. This article removes the guesswork out of the process of buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. Read on to find out some key considerations when purchasing such a speaker.

Battery Life

One crucial factor to bear in mind when buying a Bluetooth speaker is battery life, which should last longer before recharging. Ideally, small speakers have small batteries that can only last for a couple of hours. The average battery life of most portable Bluetooth speakers is 4 to 10 hours. Remember that you should not wait until a battery is fully discharged before recharging since it affects durability. Also, playing loud music all the time reduces battery life.


When planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker, it is worthwhile to consider the IP rating. A speaker should be waterproof to protect internal components from damage. Since you may be using the speaker outdoors frequently, there is a high likelihood of the device coming into contact with water. IPX4 rating signifies that a device is spill-friendly and splash-proof. However, if you prefer a speaker that can withstand some knocks and heavy rainfall, then opt for IPX7 devices since they are waterproof and dustproof. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers that can survive pool water are suitable for swimming enthusiasts. In this regard, you should be looking for IP68-rated speakers.  

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth technology came into existence over 20 years ago. Since then, several upgrades have changed the appeal and performance of Bluetooth speaker's connectivity. With every new version comes an improvement in the wireless range. For instance, version 5.0 has a wireless range of 120 metres compared to version 4.2 with maximum coverage of 30 metres. Therefore, if you desire a portable speaker to connect to a device from a great distance, go for version 5. Furthermore, the current version is faster compared to previous Bluetooth standards, which improves connectivity. Another advantage of going for a Bluetooth speaker with an up-to-date version is that you can connect multiple devices to it. Besides, go for version 5 if you have a smart home due to the wide range of connectivity options.

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